Cloud Software Development

As a cloud software development firm, Organic Think leadership focuses on thinking differently about the home performance industry while developing cutting edge - not bleeding edge - digital solutions.

Support. Technical assistance never felt so good.

Have you ever come across a home with an issue that you are just not quite sure what to do with? Maybe your gut is saying something but you just need someone to bounce around ideas that has seen that sort of thing before. There is a lot at stake when dealing with energy and durability in client homes. Keeping homeowners happy is super important. Then there is liability, lawyers and the like. Blargh! Organic Think Inc can help you with those conundrums and give you and your clients the peace of mind that we all need.


Rob is a LEED AP Homes, LEED for Homes Green Rater, RESNET Home Energy Rating System Rater and HERS Quality Assurance Designee. We assist residential project teams with certification processes. This process should be painless, presenting an opportunity to improve projects and further green building knowledge. Rob and Lindsay bring 7 years of green building experience to projects with the goal of making the rating process the best possible experience with the best possible outcome. We look out for the best interest of the building owner. We can help apply building science, green building and energy efficiency principles to your project.


Do you wish to earn credentials or simply learn more about green building or energy efficiency? With years of experience as a teacher and green builder, Rob focuses on sharing practical stories from the trenches. We recognize that people have different learning styles that are connected by the common denominator of hands-on, experiential education. We deliver green building, energy efficiency, building science, HERS, HVAC and weatherization trainings among other topics. Rob is the chairman of the RESNET Standard Development Committee for Training and Education.


Photography is a passion for Rob. It is more than an interest that came to him later in life than it should have, but at least he found it. Rob's grandfather was a freelance photojournalist and there was always a darkroom in the family home. He learned about developer, stop bath and fix at an early age, but came to appreciate his grandfather's talents and the wonder of photography more recently. It's been very pleasing to get back to his roots and re-discover his grandfather's passion in his own work. Organic Think uses photography as an avenue to record history, portray concepts and convey design fundamentals.