What is JobWerks?

JobWerks is a cost effective, easy to use performance assessment tool and dynamic hands-on learning platform built in the cloud for today’s mobile world. JobWerks rewards people that are good at performing their job, is used on the job so the job gets done and lives in the cloud so it can be used anywhere. The most frustrating aspects of education, assessment and quality assurance didn’t even make it to our drawing board. JobWerks is not a multiple choice exam nor is it used in a classroom or lab. JobWerks is not burdensome or confusing to use. JobWerks is not ugly and doesn’t look or act like it was built in the 1990s. JobWerks is not passive.

Why JobWerks?

JobWerks was forged from the tried and true philosophy that on-the-job education generates a multitude of benefits. RESNET JobWerks is an immersion learning and assessment model built to foster a well-trained workforce. We believe that opening constructive methods of communication between the people that build, retrofit and maintain our homes results in increased accountability and improved job performance. We believe that the best place to learn how to do your job is on the job, the best way to teach a skill is to demonstrate and the best way to assess someone’s skills is through active observation.

How does it work?

Mentors observe Candidates complete their job tasks in the field and evaluate their abilities on the spot, building an internally transparent, multimedia record of job performance. JobWerks users learn from the curated library of best practices that includes media and protocols from trusted industry resources. If issues arise in the field that are not addressed within library, users submit questions through the built in building science and technical support ticket system to quickly get their answers. Candidate’s job performance records are remotely viewed upstream as a measure of quality assurance. The most notable benefit is revealed when Mentors implement JobWerks High Leverage Practices, our list of teaching methods that stimulate significant advancement in the the way Candidates think (see High Leverage Practices). Teacher and student share common goals and build rapport through communication leading to improved morale and greater confidence in their job skills. Better work performance in our industry means the improved energy efficiency of homes plus fewer red tags and callbacks.


Currently, JobWerks is required for RESNET Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) as described in Chapter 2, Section 204.2.2 of the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards. Certificates are also offered for the construction workforce (insulators, air sealing, weather resistant barrier installers, weatherization). Candidates earn RESNET certificates upon the successful completion. To inquire about the RESNET JobWerks program, please contact support@organicthink.com.

Getting Started


JobWerks is a cost effective, easy to use performance assessment tool and dynamic hands-on learning platform built in the cloud for today’s mobile world.

This purchase entitles one candidate access to JobWerks for a period of one year from the time that you receive the registration confirmation email with download instructions.

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