8 Working with Photos

Review Photo Guidelines here.

Adding Candidate Photos:

On an iPad:

  1. From the clipboard click on the photo icon (include icon image) and your camera should open
  2. Click the round button to capture the photo
  3. Input company name, candidate and address from the dropdown menus to the right of the photo
  4. Choose a category that is applicable to the photo and list any other additional comments (optional)
  5. Press submit

On PC or Mac:

  1. Capture Candidate photos from any device
  2. Upload to your computer
  3. Click on the clipboard within JobWerks
  4. Click on the photo icon
  5. Insert photo from resident file on PC or Mac
  6. In the top dropdown box to the right of your photo, choose your registered company name
  7. In the middle dropdown box choose your candidate
  8. In the bottom dropdown box choose the site address
  9. Choose a category in the dropdown box that most closes relates to the photo submitted. There is an optional field for any additional notes.
  10. Click submit

*For tips, requirements and suggestions on which photos to include, tap on 'Photo Guidelines' located to the right of the site address dropdown box on the clipboard.

Media Page

You can browse all of the photos that you have added to JobWerks. Using the “Filter” function you can group your photos by candidate, home, and/or category (for example air sealing).