7 Working on the Clipboard

Before getting started, please review the Mentorship and Photodocumentation Guidelines.

The Clipboard is the central location for the Mentor to submit evaluations and feedback for your Candidates. Provide task evaluations or feedback for tasks by:

  1. Selecting candidate and home to be reviewed
  2. Review task protocols by tapping the information circle to the left of each task.
  3. Chose a response by tapping on the white circle to the right of each tasks. Choose Satisfactory, Work in Progress, Below Expectation or Not Applicable from the popover menu.
  4. List any necessary feedback below the task name. If a candidate has shown satisfactory skill on a specific task and you feel confident that they have mastered it then you do not need to provide feedback on the following inspections.
  5. Attach photos and additional notes by tapping on the camera icon.
  6. Tasks that cannot be completed in a home can be marked as N/A in bulk. Leave all non-applicable tasks blank. When you have finished leaving Candidate responses for all applicable tasks, scroll to the top of the list and tap N/A to autofill the rest of the form.