11 Remote Mentorship, Assessment and Quality Control

Remote Mentorship (RM)

Remote Mentorship is an additional JobWerks feature that may be purchased to provide functionality to observe a Candidate's work without leaving the office! Candidates will connect to Mentors through a video conference within the JobWerks app. Then, the RFI can ask questions and display their knowledge of each component required for JobWerks. JobWerks will save a record of the call time as part of the Candidate record. The RFI’s will be able to capture their own photos to upload to JobWerks. Please note that RM is only available if there is internet access at the job site.

Remote Assessment (RA)

Remote Assessment is an additional JobWerks feature that may be purchased to utilize Organic Think staff (the creators of JobWerks) to complete the final graded field evaluation for RFI’s required by RESNET. All assessments will be conducted via video conference. Please note that RA is only available when the candidate has internet access at the job site.

Roadside Assistance: Technical Support 

If you don’t have the bandwidth or the knowledge to provide real-time, on site support to your RFI’s Organic Think has got you covered! Please note that remote technical support is only available if users have access to internet at the job site.

Remote Mentorship, Remote Assessment and Technical Support are currently in the pilot phase. If interested in participating or finding out more about the costs associated please email support@organicthink.com.