9 Learn

On the Learn page, a mentor or candidate has access to all the standards and field practices that may be required for an RFI or Installer.

Learn is designed to:

  • Educate candidates on the protocols, standards and best practices required for the certificate
  • Ensure that mentors and candidates stay on the same page when it comes to field protocols and procedures
  • Provide a visual library to illustrate protocols and best practices (coming soon)

 To access learn: 

  1. Tap 'Learn' on the navigation bar.
  2. Check that the candidate type is highlighted (either RFI or Installer). To change, simply tap on the slider to select either 'RFI' or 'Installer'.
  3. Tap 'Show All' to see the complete list topics provided. Choose a category in the 'Filter by Category' dropdown to filter the list. For example, choosing 'Doors' will list only the tasks associated with doors.
  4. Tap on the information icon to the left of the task to display the protocols for that task.